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 Tyler Cleagne

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PostSubject: Tyler Cleagne   Tue Aug 06, 2013 4:44 pm

Name- Tyler Cleagne
Age- 19
Gender- Male
Partner- None Official (Soren until the right one comes along)

Physical :: Tyler is a young Korean man who stands at around 5’11. He is very thin, with a lean chest and swimmer’s legs. He isn’t so skinny that it makes him look like skin and bones, but there is not much muscle in his chest. Just silky smooth olive skin. Literally, this boy has the skin of an angel. There isn’t a blemish in sight, aside from a small scar over his right hip. Tyler goes through extensive skin care procedures before going to bed every night. He enjoys having flawless skin. His hair is dark brown and although it can be a bit of a mess in the morning, Tyler is careful to style it the way he likes before going out. He has dark, almond-shaped eyes too, usually accented by a bit of eyeliner (though he will deny it profusely if he is asked about wearing makeup).
Personality :: As far as Shadowhunters go, Tyler is pretty hesitant to jump into battle. Why would he want to put his life- and his nails- at risk to kill some stupid demon? Really, Tyler would probably be more content to live as a Mundane, without a care in the world.  MTBA

Save a horse, ride a c o w b o y <3
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Tyler Cleagne
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