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 Rowan Riverdale

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PostSubject: Rowan Riverdale   Tue Aug 06, 2013 4:52 pm

Name- Rowan Riverdale
Age-Looks 27 (500)
Gender- Male
Club- Underworld
Position- Vampire King
Partner- None

- Rowan Riverdale was born around 1511 AD in Venice, Italy. His parents had moved there, though the entire Riverdale line had been decedents of the Scottish Gaelic people. His name, Rowan, is also of Gaelic origin. He was a lively child who always had a smile on his face, even when times got tough and his parents fell ill to a plague that was sweeping through the city. He was a resourceful boy, so he took care of making money to pay their rent. Like a little street rat, Rowan would run around the city, selling various items and working odd jobs for older folk who needed a little assistance with their shops. For a while, everything seemed to be going well. Rowan was even able to get enough money to buy herbs and remedies for his parents. But the plague was relentless and when he was ten years old, his parents passed away. Now an orphan, with his only family living back in Scotland, Rowan had to take care of himself. He became an apprentice to the local blacksmith, who taught him how to make weapons that he could sell. When he was old enough, he’d be able to take over the shop, a legacy of sorts. Rowan held promise. As he grew throughout his teenage years, his life was as good as it could get. He had food and a place to sleep. Many boys like him were not that lucky. Once he was old enough, Rowan realized that simple smithing was not enough for him. He wanted to do something bigger with his life. That prompted him to leave, to travel. Now, when it came to looks, Rowan could have passed for a young lord when he cleaned himself up. He was tall and lithe, the muscles he had not being enough to make him look grossly strong. His hair was thick- uncommon for someone who grew up on the streets- and he’d never cut it off to sell, so it curled all the way to the nape of his neck. He also had eyes as dark as coal, though they were lighter around his irises. A truly attractive young man, but his simple surname meant that no one would pay him much mind. Unless he made a name for himself. It would take a lot of sweat and maybe even some blood, but Rowan was willing. He started by networking, getting to know those in high places and friends of those in high places. His simple streetside blacksmith shop grew into an industry, with Rowan at the head. He proved to be a successful businessman. He was charming and calculating, always having the upper hand on his opponents. Soon, the Riverdale family name become well known in Italy, though he was the only carrier of the name. That was a problem for Rowan. He needed heirs. So, like any wealthy gentleman in his position, Rowan took up a wife, a beautiful young girl named Katarina. She provided him with three healthy sons. Everything was looking up for Rowan. But success always meant enemies and soon Rowan found himself facing cutthroats who would do anything to bring him down. Desperate to keep his family safe, he sent them away to live in Scotland, while he dealt with the trouble. In the end, Rowan found himself mixed up with the wrong crowd and in a late night ambush, he was bitten. At first, he wasn’t worried. It was just a bitemark, right? Of course, things weren’t that simple. Someone who hated him had ties to the Underworld- a place of Lycans and Vampires.
And Rowan had been attacked by a vampire. Attacked, but not killed. He suffered lengthy agony before the transformation was complete. So the head of the Riverdale family was now forced into exile. Not wanting his family to feel abandoned, Rowan faked his own death and left them the fortune. He had to flee to this vampiric nation that he hadn’t known existed a few days prior. That was his world now. The first couple hundred years of his existence, Rowan was surly and unbearable. He hated this life. He outlived his own family and would likely keep surviving. Never did he try to kill himself, however. Rowan was above that. He sulked instead. But as time went on, his fiery passion for control, power and a life that he made came back. Instead of complaining, Rowan was now determined to move up in the ranks of this vampire nation. He’d done it once, so why not again?
His charisma and talent for making friends had returned. Rowan knew that with vampires, it might be more difficult, but he was up for the challenge. Maybe he’d gain power fast, maybe not. He has time, after all. [MTBA]

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Rowan Riverdale
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